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Finding Patterns by MagicalBibble 5 years ago

I have tried to create multiple patterns using the normal generator. When I save them, I get a notification a day later that it has been rejected. I don't know which pattern it was on the site already, and I don't want to have to keep creating patterns that have already been created, because I understand that that may result in a ban. I think it would be great if the normal pattern generator told you which pattern it was, or if there is a way to just save what you did without trying to publish it to the site. Anyone know how to fix this?

RE: Finding Patterns by kleinevos 5 years ago

We always put pattern numbers of similar patterns in the descriptionbox of rejected patterns, unless it's a simple pattern (diamonds, chevron, candystripe, plaid, horizontal stripes, etc) , a random pattern or a pattern that has many existing similars.

You can find your rejected patterns on 'your page'.

If you make a screenshot instead of saving the pattern your problem is also solved.

RE: Finding Patterns by MagicalBibble 5 years ago



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