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Pictures by morgian_le_faye 13 years ago

I would really like to post photos and happily took some of my own pictures. Then I looked at the other pictures and realized mine are not that good. How did you all take pictures that show the full length of the bracelet close up without making it very small? Also, how did you make those pictures so they were still under the required size?

RE: Pictures by IPF 13 years ago

You can for example scan your bracelets instead of making a photograph. If your photo or scanned pic is too large, then all you have to do is use a photo editor (like for example Microsoft Photo Editor) to shrink the size.

RE: Pictures by morgian_le_faye 13 years ago

Thank you IPF. I scanned my one bracelet and it worked pretty well... only because by cropping it, I managed 50 KB. I do not have windows... I use a Mac and no amount of searching would give me the answer of how to shrink file sizes. Would anyone be able to tell me how to shrink a file size of a picture? Some of the thicker bracelets, there's no way I can just crop them to 50 KBs.

RE: Pictures by usr925 13 years ago

Hablo castellano, pero ojala entiendan... Igual voy a intentar traducirlo... A mi tambien me sirvio tu comentario IPF! No se me habia ocurrido escannearlo!!
I speak spanish, I hope you undersand... I?m going to translate it if I can... Thanks IPF!! I never imagine to scan the bracelet!!

RE: Pictures by Kathrin 13 years ago

May be my qestion is stupid... but...
How to add photo?

P.S. Sorry for my english... I speak russian.


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