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RE: What makes a pattern hard to tie? by Sab_Attack 12 years ago

repetitiveness gets annoying as well as width in 1212 patterns. narrow ones are faster and more fun. i prefer doing the alpha patterns because they just have simple bk fk knots that are easier and there's just so many more possibilities. =)

RE: What makes a pattern hard to tie? by Stefan (moderator) 12 years ago

Ok, thanks again for your thoughts! Mathematically, they diverge a bit, so I will do some kind of compromise there.

This is my idea of deciding difficulty for a normal pattern.

1. Number of strings
- Increasing #strings => Increasing difficulty, linear dependence

2. Number of rows
- Increasing #rows => More difficult, linear dependence

3. Knot types used
- Only fk & bk knots => Easy
- Only bfk & fbk => A bit harder
- All knots mixed => Hard (but maybe a square depencence on the ratio can be added here).

4. Number of colors
- All strings have one color => Easy
- All strings has different colors => Hard
- ...and linear dependence in between.

5. Repeating of pattern
- Pattern repeats => Easy
- Pattern does not repeat => Hard

Take a look at https://www.friendship-bracelets.net/beta/patterns.php. Does the difficulties agree with the pattern somewhat or is it totally wrong?

RE: What makes a pattern hard to tie? by Tokio 12 years ago

The difficulty levels look ok, but id almost make that bottom pattern a 1. Its the only kind of pattern most people know how to tie. The chevron is really easy too, but id make it a 2.5 I guess.

RE: What makes a pattern hard to tie? by Frosty 12 years ago

Stefan, could you have a rating system like you do with the tutorials so that when people have made a pattern they can rate the difficulty? Sometimes I find patterns that look difficult, actually turn out to be easy and vice versa.

RE: What makes a pattern hard to tie? by Stefan (moderator) 12 years ago

Well, that is also a good solution. I thought of that one as well, but I think my solution will be the best for now.

+ Fast, estimates all pattern difficulties at the same time in a blink of an eye.
+ Same rules to estimate each pattern difficulty. The users can trust the value somewhat. If they wonder why a pattern is difficult, there is an algorithm to look up for the difficulty approximation.
- It may differ a bit from real experiences of how difficult the patterns are.

The other solution, to use a rating tool:
+ Gets a user-chosen difficulty of a pattern. In the long run, the difficulty value will be correct.
- There are 8000 patterns to rate, it will take YEARS before all patterns are rated correctly. Some patterns will never be rated either.
- The users cannot rely on the correctness in the value in the beginning.
- There is no specific algorithm to estimate how difficult a pattern is. Different users will rate differently.

This is what I was thinking about. If you have some pros or cons to add, please inform :)

RE: What makes a pattern hard to tie? by CraftyCritt3r 12 years ago

To me, It's hard when a normal pattern is over 8 strands.(srry if I sound like a MAJOR newbie) All my strands are tangled, or in the middle of a pattern I get mixed up with different strands then my bracelet looks like a giant stringed monster eating my hand. On Alpha's on the other hand, I can make those with TONS of string. But when it's more then 2 colors I get messed up. Hope I helped! :D

RE: What makes a pattern hard to tie? by TiEdUp 11 years ago

I don't like when nots change direction constantly, because have to pay more attention to what Im doing and its easier for me to make mistakes I have to fix :p

RE: What makes a pattern hard to tie? by paulasousa 8 years ago

Acho dif?cil escolher, como posso saber o n?vel de dificuldade de uma pulseira?


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