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Kumihimo Wheel Designer by RobinSnow 5 years ago


This might be a mistake on my part but if I try to create a new Wheel for a kumihimo, since I really want to try ones with more than 16 strings but whenever I open the Designer I only get a part of how the wheel will look.
And the more strings I add the bigger it gets (obviously) but it also moves down and I don't see it and when I download it and print it, it's tiny and still only that small part.

Am I doing something essentially wrong or is the website not properly portrayed? (I have it both on my PC, which is new, and my MacBook)

Thanks in advance for the help!!

RE: Kumihimo Wheel Designer by kleinevos 5 years ago

Unfortunately there seems to be a bug in the wheel creator. :-(
You can take a round object to draw the circle, that's what I do.


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