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Major Talent! by alittlebitlee 6 years ago

Ok, I just got to give my props to those consistently making patterns on this site because it is extremely difficult! I've been working on one pattern for a while now and I still can't seem to get it to work haha. Those who do have the mental capacity to create the beautiful patterns on this site, thank you because I apparently do not lol

RE: Major Talent! by alittlebitlee 6 years ago

If anybody has any good tips on how to configure the strings once you've laid the design on the grid paper, that would be extremely helpful!!!

RE: Major Talent! by EdBlair 6 years ago

Just the obvious ones (we are talking about normal patterns, right?):
- If a knot is a particular color, the string has to be present in one of the two knots above it in the previous row, and so on forming a 'V' back to the start of the bracelet.
- This means that if there is a sting in a particular knot, then in the following rows, the only knots it is possible to be in are bounded by a V going forward.
- If you have X number of knots in a particular row that are the same color, then you must have at least X strings of that color in your bracelet. This goes for all of the colors and rows.
- If you have a string of one color on one side of your bracelet, and you want to move it to the other side, then some other string(s) must move in the opposite direction. Every time one string moves to the left, another string moves to the right.
- The trick is managing your "hidden" strings so that you can move them over to where you want to make them visible.
- It is not possible to realize all of the patterns. Either you need an additional string of one color, or there is no way to move the strings where you want them. Don't give up too quickly, but be prepared to modify your pattern if you have to.

RE: Major Talent! by sierra_lima1 6 years ago

you could try the basic pattern generator. It works on your computer an you can safe your bracelet at any stage. I also use it a lot to try out different colours-schemes for a bracelet.


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