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Starting Loop by Harpoon5 7 years ago

I see beautiful braided loops that the bracelets are started from, but I can't find a tutorial for how to do it. I always end up just braiding both ends. Any help?

RE: Starting Loop by Sammoning (moderator) 7 years ago

I think you mean this one.. it's called a buckle with larkshead knots
If you go to the tutorial section, page 6 you'll find different techniques for buckles and beginnings.

RE: Starting Loop by Laylays 7 years ago

I like to end my bracelets with two braids and a bit of macrame over them. It makes the bracelet easy to put on and adjustable to different wrist sizes.

RE: Starting Loop by Harpoon5 7 years ago

Thank you so much. The buckle with larkshead knots was exactly what I was looking for!


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