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RE : stolen patterns on BraceletBook by kleinevos 3 months ago

We are not always attacking braceletbook users. We were attacking braceletbook years ago, when they stopped removing patterns that were clearly taken of of our site. We want to stick to the ‘copyright‘ of patterns. Our users are so kind to provide us with many beautiful patterns, our webmaster is so kind to make this all happen, our moderator team is so kind to put lots of their own time into keeping this a neat and friendly place. We want to give everyone nice, new patterns, not patterns stolen from other websites. We reject patterns that are too similar to patterns on other websites.
We don’t want to be enemies, we want to be friends, also with braceletbook. We know who has accounts on both sites, that’s fine. The original creator of a pattern has the right to publish their patterns on both sites. But years ago, when this all happened, not many users published patterns on both sites. The patterns we were talking about were mainly more complicated, it is unlikely that two people come up with the same complicated pattern, in the same colors, with every or almost every knot the same.

To end this discussion: This all happened YEARS AGO! They had a hard time back then, with not enough people to keep the site running. They changed a lot lately, and I’m happy for them. We are all just people who like knotting bracelets. We are not enemies! And users are not ‘the site’. Our users also submit many copied patterns. We are all the same, not different!

RE : stolen patterns on BraceletBook by zoeyllm 2 months ago

Guys, you need to remember that pattern stealing is most of the time accidental. Some people have the same idea. A lot of the patterns that you mentioned are made with well known techniques, so they are not necessarily copying the patterns.

RE : stolen patterns on BraceletBook by kleinevos 2 months ago

This discussion has ended, zoeyllm. Everything is said now.

RE : stolen patterns on BraceletBook by tennistime 2 months ago

Honestly you seem like you just don’t want to talk about it, which usually means that you are hiding something. Bracelet book is better in my opinion (and don’t say you didn’t ask for my opinion again) it just feels nicer and more modern. This website doesn’t have very many users anymore. Bracelet book has more patterns daily and is generally more active. Who knows if they stole patterns, and I myself really don’t care because I just want to make bracelets and have fun. They are just trying to make the community better, just like you. And you can5 tell us to be quiet on a forum post, because we can talk when we ant to. We all have our opinions...it’s an online forum. You can’t restrict our speaking. We all have the right of speaking freely.

RE : stolen patterns on BraceletBook by tennistime 2 months ago

And honestly if there are so many patterns that are so similar don’t you think that they might have come up with it themselves? I mean there are only so many combinations you can make with patterns, y’all should stop being rude and just embrace the fact that they are just trying to make the community better, they aren’t stealing for their benefit, they are doing it for us. So just relax.

RE : stolen patterns on BraceletBook by halokiwi 2 months ago

I think nobody is trying to silence anyone. The thing is that this thread was started 5 years ago and the issue has since been solved. Then a month ago people started posting on this thread again. Kleinevos explained the situation but people continued posting so she said in one clear sentence that the issue has been solved. I think it would be better to make a new thread if you feel like there's anything left unsaid/a new issue that needs solving.

RE : stolen patterns on BraceletBook by zoeyllm 2 months ago

Thanks, halokiwi, I agree.


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