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general length by sally242 8 years ago

whats generally a good length to cut all your strings to?

RE: general length by Johanna722 8 years ago

generally when I cut my strings if it is a womans bracelet all i do is check if it fit well on my wrist but since i have a small wrist I make the bracelet a little bigger and samething for mens bracelets but in this case i use my husband wrist that way its easier for me to get an accurate measure that might fit others

RE: general length by kleinevos (moderator) 8 years ago

120 cm per string, if you start with a buckle, is enough for most of the patterns.

RE: general length by EdBlair 8 years ago

Is 120 cm (=47 1/4 inch) the length of a string that will be used on both sides of the buckle?
Or should a string that will be used on both sides be cut to 240 cm?

RE: general length by kleinevos (moderator) 8 years ago

That last one! 240 cm doubled up gives you 120 cm per string.

RE: general length by Goura 8 years ago

Personally,i add 18 centimeters for every string.So if i have ten strings,i make five strings of 180 cm,and fold them in half.Make sure that you always have around ten centimeters of string after the work,so you can braid better,or at least have some more string for finishing works

RE: general length by Tlotr13 8 years ago

I usually use the length of my arm up to my shoulder, holding the string between thumb and index finger.

I guess I'm just lazy to bother measuring it up. ;-)


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