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How to make the.. by Fajura 8 years ago


Okay, so I've seen many bracelets now with a "special" loop. Like where you put the strands in when you're putting on the bracelet. I have no idea how to make it.
Could someone try and explain it? Please? =)'

It's a loop like in pattern #54023

RE: How to make the.. by kleinevos (moderator) 8 years ago


RE: How to make the.. by braceletsbsonja 8 years ago

So before you start the bracelet fold it in half and clip the exact middle onto a clipboard and do about 10-15 sqare knots. Then clip the other side so that you are just working with half of the strings and tie 10-15 more sq knots. Then join both the sides together with a few sq. knots then just start your bracelet normally. ps that is the technique to use if you want to make the bracelet close with a big bead/button. You will have to knot one on at the end of the bracelets to go through your loop.
I hope this helps...sorry its kinda hard to explain

RE: How to make the.. by GoetzJames 8 years ago

Go through this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z23ueD3w-Z8 as in this video it is taught How to make a loop bracelet.I hope it will help you.
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