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how do you.... by sovietunion 9 years ago

ive been making bracelets for a few months now, and i see more often than not that people are using clip boards and tape to hold their bracelets down. am i the only one that is successful with a safety pin attached to a cushion/my trousers to hold my bracelet and get a good result?

RE: how do you.... by Sammoning (moderator) 9 years ago

In 2 of the 3 instruction books I have they list the pin method instead of tape. And I've seen alot of people here say they use a pin.
As long as it stays in place enough, you can make a bracelet. (and for me that's definately not tape)

RE: how do you.... by mischieviousbob 9 years ago

I used to use safety pins, but I was making so many bracelets that I was starting to ruin any pants or pillow I was using! I also needed my bracelets to be more portable - carrying around a clipboard is easier than a pillow, or even than continually pinning and unpinning a pin.

RE: how do you.... by Kestrel 9 years ago

I use a clipboard, but I don't use tape. One board I use has a very strong clip so that's all I use, and another I only use for keychains - with that one I attach my ring to the board with two safety pins.

RE: how do you.... by sovietunion 8 years ago

thanks! its rally helped to get a variety of opinions on what you use to secure the bracelets. i have tried tape recently, but i would not use it again unless i had not brought a safety pin. clip boards look quite good to secure the bracelets, as i have been watching beyondbracets videos and her bracelets come out well (though its probably because she has done it for a longer time) when i get a clip board, i'll try it.

RE: how do you.... by KnotterHolic 8 years ago

Ever since the beginning, I've always preferred using a clipboard since it has a much stronger grip and knotting becomes easy that way. Coming from a knotter who knots real tight, I'd say I'm good with the clipboard. But I've seen so many beautiful bracelets done by excellent knotters, and when asked what they do to clip down their bracelets, they replied, "Just regular scotch tape" I was surprised, but sure does work. Haven't tried pinning down the bracelet onto a cushion or trousers cuz I'm very OCD about the beginning of bracelets being all straight and organized, but that's just me i guess.
I guess people find the best that works for them. Some might feel the clipboard really hard/ complicated. Really depends.

RE: how do you.... by angeleden 8 years ago

Yes, the clipboard is the best.
But, if you find it a bit to big to carry around, just cut it !
It is not at all necessary to have a board 9 in wide.
Just cut the board each side of the clip.
I prefer to kept it the same length (12-13 in).

The best position is to sit in front of a table or a desk : the bottom is on you lap and the top rest on the edge of the table. The board is about at an angle of 45?.

RE: how do you.... by Tinytoez 8 years ago

I have only been doing this about a month now, but I found a clipboard too big, and the clips on them not strong enough, so I found a small plastic kitchen chopping board (11"x7") for 99p at ASDA, and I have 2 metal bulldog clips. One holds my project down, the other holds my pattern on the side, the hole in the clip even holds my pen for marking where I am. Its the perfect size very solid and I can write notes on it with a perm marker if I need to.

RE: how do you.... by EdBlair 8 years ago

I am using safety pins and a hand towel. I can lay the towel on my lap or a table to work, and then roll it up and stuff it in bag when I have to go. I will work while riding the bus, or eating lunch, or whenever I have a few minutes to spare.

RE: how do you.... by chek101 8 years ago

I will probably build my own rig, it's generally what I always do when I start working in a new medium that requires a 3r hand. Built all my own looms so this should be easy.


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