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Photos by brittanyjane09 9 years ago

How do I upload photos??

RE: Photos by yamm 9 years ago

You click on the page of the pattern or tutorial you want and at the beggining of the page says Add photo or Upload a photo of your work, then you click there and you select a picture from you PC.
It has to be less than 50 kb, if it isn't you have to resize it. I hope you understand, if you don't there's a tutorial that explains how to upload pictures.

RE: Photos by brittanyjane09 9 years ago

Thanks x

RE: Photos by MACRAMEpulseras 9 years ago

Hi, some time ago the thumbnail filled the preview box, now they are half size. Am I doing something wrong or now all the photos look tiny?

RE: Photos by Sammoning (moderator) 9 years ago

I checked your photos and when I click on them both tumbnail sizes have the same size photo. SO maybe the thumbnail size changed but not the picture, so no problemo I guess


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