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App by deeteegirl 9 years ago

It would be awesome if you guys made an app! I would totally download it if it were free.

RE: App by autumnrose123 9 years ago

i agree with you!!!!!!!that would be awesome!!!

RE: App by craftygirl98 9 years ago

Same here. Especially of the app gave u full acess to the site like adding patterns,uploading photos ect.

RE: App by rittervine 9 years ago

I was just thinking this! I've only found one friendship bracelet App for the app store and I was less than impressed. It would be amazing if friendship-bracelets.net ever put out an App!

RE: App by craftygirl98 9 years ago

Ya and if it was free. The one that is on there costs a dollar

RE: App by Unbelieber 9 years ago

I would have no problem paying. .99 or 1.99 isn't bad for a really well made app for the site. The topic has come up a lot and I think Stefan said it might be in the distant, distant future lol.

RE: App by craftygirl98 9 years ago

I wish it was soon and not distant lol


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