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RE: Using up Excess Thread by TrudyBerry723 9 years ago

This is so cool because you can make the beads whatever color you want & any shape or size you need! Love it, thinking about using it for the Ankara Bracelet Yay so excited

RE: Using up Excess Thread by quinpik 9 years ago

omg i have a lot of excess threads and i just organized them a few days ago! thanks for the link! it's so easy to make and the result looks so pretty!

RE: Using up Excess Thread by lalalaura 8 years ago

Hi guys!
The beads idea is very cute. I will have to try it soon.
I like embroidery thread so much, especially when it's very colorful and clustered and I just can't throw it away. I usually make embroidered necklaces with it and I made a tutorial for that, maybe you'll like it :)


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