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Colors?? by lefayof2day 9 years ago

I think it's great that there are a count of how many colors there are in a bracelet...just one problem...some of the colors are so close, it's hard to tell if there are 2, 3, even 4 very close colors...could it be possible to somehow get precise (or even vague) colors with every pattern? That would be super helpful...

RE: Colors?? by Kapehu 9 years ago

what exact color do you want?

RE: Colors?? by lefayof2day 9 years ago

it's not so much a specific color, it's just a general observation...some fades from red to dark red (for example), there are three or four different variations of red in the pattern and it's hard to discern when and where they switch...(this is mostly in alphas, but on occasion in normals and kumihimos)...I was just hoping that somehow there could be a mini-list of the colors (like the BBCode colors or something) to help decipher which colors are actually in the pattern...

RE: Colors?? by etoile 9 years ago

At the top of the normal patterns each different color is labeled with a different letter so you tell what's what.

RE: Colors?? by lefayof2day 9 years ago

right, but like I said...the trouble telling the colors occurs in alphas...there isn't much of a problem with normals...just sometimes (and may I say, very rarely, but I've come across that problem once or twice) even with the letters it's hard to tell what color it is...

RE: Colors?? by akm16 9 years ago

i agree, leafayof

RE: Colors?? by lefayof2day 9 years ago

Well, thank you, akm16...:)


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