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Iphone apps by audreylabbe 10 years ago

Hi! I will try to be clear, but it's not easy 'cause i speak french usually. So, i create this thread to suggest you to do a free iphone apps. Its not easy to come here with 'Safari' so it can be a nice idea? :)
Sorry of i did a loooot of mistakes :$

RE: Iphone apps by WearingJoy 10 years ago

Ton anglais est tres bon! je ne sais pas comme faire un "Iphone App". Mon francais n'est pas super, parce-que je usuallment parle anglais. un Iphone App est une tres tres tres bien idee!

RE: Iphone apps by HulaHoops 10 years ago

I think that's a good idea, I remember seeing a similar site with an app.
Et ton anglais est tr?s bien :)

RE: Iphone apps by audreylabbe 10 years ago

Oh you're both so sweet :)

RE: Iphone apps by Mehrr 10 years ago

Yeah I agree with this! I would so love it if there could be an app for this site! Maybe not just for apple but also for andriod! It would be HIGHLY appreciated! :D

RE: Iphone apps by audreylabbe 10 years ago

Yeah! For Android too :)

RE: Iphone apps by lefayof2day 10 years ago

@audreylabbe I live on my Android tablet so that would be fantastic!

RE: Iphone apps by audreylabbe 10 years ago

Allright! Hope that one day it'll have an apps for Android and Apple :)

RE: Iphone apps by Craftfreak 10 years ago

Oh my gosh that would be awesome if they had one for kindle!


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