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Howl's moving castle by theshopoholic1 9 years ago

Can someone please make me a pattern for howl from howls moving castle or a calcifar pattern. My boyfriend loves the movie so he wants me to make him a bracelet with something from it on it but i csant find ANY patterns at all, please help

RE: Howl's moving castle by darkmurdok 9 years ago

I think you should design it yourself. I've made one for myself about something I love and the feelings you get from it are much greater and REAL. It will motivate you to make more. Thats real art, not making other's desings. I learned it that way.

RE: Howl's moving castle by Alicat 9 years ago

I agree with darkmurdok, and also if you'd like a pattern that's not on the site it's better to post a thread under Wish Patterns.

RE: Howl's moving castle by Eevee431 9 years ago

I found one the other day of Calcifar and just now found it again.

RE: Howl's moving castle by phuong03 6 years ago

i'll try


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