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Price Tips by Vampire 10 years ago

Okay, so I'm selling some of my bracelets this summer, and am going to donate the money to the local humane society, but I don't know how I should price them. Any tips? I'm selling all kinds, so a specified price would be very helpful. Thanks!

RE: Price Tips by Carrie 10 years ago

I always keep meticulous records of how much string each bracelet uses down to the half inch, and I price it by 1 cent per inch of string used.

RE: Price Tips by thejoeyarc 10 years ago

to go with the ^^^^ post above....i'm also selling bracelets soon. but do you take into account the amount of work that goes into it? the price per inch is a good idea but there is more that go into making a bracelet than just the inches of string used. not criticizing or anything...just curious. for a easy to make bracelet (let's use a chevron pattern for this case) what is the average price that you sell for? I also make dog collar/name tag things and those take me a long time plus the added cost of the clasps and whatnot...So that's more than $ per inch right? IDK about it...i'm still trying to figure out a price myself.

RE: Price Tips by lady_cinni 10 years ago

When I started making bracelets last year, they were just the candy stripe ones, and I originally had them priced at $.50 a bracelet, since I wasn't using much floss, and it didn't take me too long, maybe half an hour at the most, to make one, but several friends of mine told me I should raise my price and sell them for $1. Now I've got the candy stripes for $1, chevrons for $2, and the other patterns I've done for $3-$5, depending on how complicated the pattern is. I haven't sold any in a while, but now that the weather is nicer, I can try again while I'm at work on the weekends.

RE: Price Tips by ChelsiMarie92 10 years ago

i sell the ones i make for between $3 and $5

RE: Price Tips by leahmc 10 years ago

I price all of mine by the amount of skiens I use.

RE: Price Tips by flash 10 years ago

i would sell mine depending on the number of strings and time. every string used is 25? and every half hour is aswell 25?

RE: Price Tips by Vampire 10 years ago

Okay, thanks for all the tips guys! They really helped!!!

RE: Price Tips by Babybees 9 years ago

I price mine using the difficulty level, or how long it takes me (if it takes 2 weeks, its 5 bucks, a month is 3.)


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