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Softer Bracelets by Raukki 13 years ago

I find that my bracelets always feel as stiff as cardboard right after I make them (I use basic DMC embroidery floss). A little trick I figured out is to run them under water when they're done, and let them air dry. They'll be stiff until all the water is completely evaporated, but then they turn out really soft and floppy afterwards. This makes them a lot more comfortable to wear, and also makes the braids stick together better if you're tying them.

RE: Softer Bracelets by Cathelijn 13 years ago

I didn't know that. My bracelet feel like cardboard too :P
Maybe I'll try it. Thanks!

RE: Softer Bracelets by Sioned 13 years ago

I don't like getting my bracelets wet =/ makes the thread dull.

After a couple of days wearing them they become nice and soft anyway, and it's a lot better for the bracelet.

RE: Softer Bracelets by Mimii 13 years ago

maybe you can try hot steam like from an iron instead of soaking it.... idk I don't mind them being stiff they get softer the longer you wear them

RE: Softer Bracelets by Olympe 13 years ago

Yes, they do get softer when you wear them - especially after you rinsed your hands (and got the bracelet wet), after you had a bath or shower (and got the bracelet wet)...

RE: Softer Bracelets by Bassic 12 years ago

they do get softer after use but if you dont want to wait that long you can put the bracelet in the pocket of a pair of pants and put them through the wash with fabric softener

i accidently did it once and the colors didnt get faded and the bracelet was super soft and floppy and really comfertable to wear

RE: Softer Bracelets by stargirl13 12 years ago

All these ideas sound great. I usually just wear mine until they get softer. Of course, after a couple of baths and what-not, they start to fade but, I think that gives them character.

RE: Softer Bracelets by Freakyy 11 years ago

Thanks! :)

RE: Softer Bracelets by ButterflyWings 10 years ago

yeah, i wear mine in the shower, i have no other choice and they are nice and comfy but they're really itchy and annoying when they're wet. :/

RE: Softer Bracelets by Amnesiaflower 8 years ago

throw it in the pool for an hour and tadah! its soft and floppy! (Dont really do this! just get it wet! :)


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