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braceletbook.com - I'm annoyed! by CoHa 8 years ago

I'm annoyed of the site braceletbook.com.

You have to constantly have an eye on it, that they do not publish stolen patterns.
I have other worries than ever control the page... *argh*

I think most of Stefan's users also don't like the page. I like friendship-bracelets.net, so I decided to publish some patterns here........ but not on braceletbook.com!

The launch of the site was not very happy, you know. They copied hundreds of patterns from here. And their reaction? They squirmed like a worm.

It's sad :-(

Sorry guys, but at the moment I have/had a need to tell this.

PS: Thank you Stefan for this friendly and familiarly place!

RE: braceletbook.com - I'm annoyed! by ISolemnlySwear 8 years ago

Goodness! I went on to the site mentioned and it is rather annoying that they would do something like that. But all around I like this site so much better, from the layout to the helpful members. It is terrible that they could get away with something like that and it would be even worse if it was done intentionally and I understand the need to rant about it. Sadly there really is nothing we can do but appreciate the wonderful community Stefan has built.

RE: braceletbook.com - I'm annoyed! by alillye200 8 years ago

I know!!! I heard people talking about it so I decided to check it out, and when I saw it I was like OMG they totally copied this site! but theres nothing we can do about it :( This site is ten times better though and Im so happy we have it to go on whenever we feel like it! Thanks Stefan :)

RE: braceletbook.com - I'm annoyed! by Dodadoo 8 years ago

The first site I ver knew was braceletbook.com
And it may be just me but I like better the "presentation" of the patterns there..just how they but each pattern in a rectangle.

RE: braceletbook.com - I'm annoyed! by Wristart 8 years ago

Personally, I wouldn't dislike the site as much if they at least gave credit to the people they stole the work from. They intentionally make it seem like it was their own hard work that was put into the pattern, but it's not. That's really wrong.

RE: braceletbook.com - I'm annoyed! by MetallicWings 8 years ago

I just noticed they have one of my patterns there as well... -.-

RE: braceletbook.com - I'm annoyed! by Yumelory 8 years ago

I like this site better, but I like braceletbook.com as well. Anyway, what I like about it are the really big alpha patterns, because they have patterns with over 80 strings and let's face it, here we have only patterns with 60 strings the most.

RE: braceletbook.com - I'm annoyed! by lunadep 8 months ago

braceltbook is the best. i don?t understand this site

RE : braceletbook.com - I'm annoyed! by miss_jessy08 last month

It's not entirely their fault though, its hard to monitor all patterns being submitted and since an admin can't scroll through the plethora of patterns on here to make sure they aren't being stolen. Usually if there is a stolen pattern, the admins are quick to delete it.

RE : braceletbook.com - I'm annoyed! by kleinevos last month

I hope they do that now! They eventually realized that moderators are needed to keep sites like this running. But in the past, before they had moderators, we have had lots of problems with BraceletBook stealing our patterns, and with the owners of BraceletBook not wanting to delete these patterns when a moderator of our site asked for it. One of our former moderators scrolled through their patterns regularly to look for stolen patterns. She always reported them, and most of the time BraceletBook did not remove them. I sure hope they do better now.


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