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Email newsletter. by Stefan (moderator) 11 years ago

Hi guys!
I've been discussing this topic in the Moderator forum already, but I also want to know what you think about the idea of a monthly email newsletter? For those who want it, of course.
The newsletter would include inspiring bracelet stuff, interesting patterns, and tips and tricks.
What do you all think about this?

RE: Email newsletter. by Tsoukaleika 11 years ago

Sure! Sounds interesting and once a month is perfect.

RE: Email newsletter. by Carrie 11 years ago

How would you choose what to include?

RE: Email newsletter. by Gibson_Girls 11 years ago

Wouldn't the stuff in the newsletter kind of be like the stuff in the forum?

RE: Email newsletter. by Stefan (moderator) 11 years ago

@Carrie: Probably, the mods will choose the topics of each newsletter. We may set up an idea thread here in the forum if we run out of ideas. If you have ideas, just shout.

@Gibson_Girls: The content in the newsletter would include summaries of forum discussions, yes, but also other things like new cool patterns, tips and tricks and other things that hopefully will inspire you.

RE: Email newsletter. by Kitkat 11 years ago

you should have a feature where you interview a different bracelet maker each month :)

RE: Email newsletter. by Carrie 11 years ago

I like that idea, KitKat! I think we should also show a bracelet photo of the month (like the one that got the most likes/one most talked about), a bracelet pattern of the month with the same idea(both alpha and normal), and a new tutorial/really helpful tutorial.

RE: Email newsletter. by megs53 11 years ago

i would love a newsletter every month! and Carrie and Kitkat have really good ideas!

RE: Email newsletter. by Stefan (moderator) 11 years ago

You can sign up for the newsletter here:

(The sign up page is a bit ugly and uninformative but that will be fixed soon)

When the list is big enough, I'll send out a newsletter. Hopefully before christmas.

RE: Email newsletter. by FatnSassy 11 years ago

I'm in! Can't wait!


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