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Simplifying Patterns
Is there any way to simplify patterns? As in the knots used? A lot of patterns I see generally use t
2 Vycandrius 1923 10 years ago
by Vycandrius
If i were to do a bracelet with letters how would i know how much to knot before starting doing lett
0 Erin 2010 10 years ago
by Erin
julia pattern
does anyone have a pattern with the name julia. or does anybody want to make one???
1 Julia 2274 10 years ago
by taytay98
How to make your own designs?
There's a tutorial on Steffe's page. There you learn how to make your patterns, how to make the patt
0 panda 1861 10 years ago
by panda
K, so i made my own pattern, but... :(
Ok, so i made my own pattern onthe generator, and when i got and clish save and publish pattern, it
3 Charlie 2072 10 years ago
by Stefan
Problems with generating patterns?!
Last night i tried to generate a pettern, and every time i finally pressed the "generate and save pa
2 Charlie 1878 10 years ago
by pikchiu
puzzle pattern
i was trying to use the generator to make this because i tried it the way it is and could not figure
2 caleyisradical 2170 10 years ago
by caleyisradical
frog pattern
HI. frog pattern? has as put this on a pattern this site? THANKS!
0 usr1030 1599 11 years ago
by usr1030
Help me space this please! im begging!
my boyfriend is from maine SO for his birthday i wanted to make him a lobster bracelet. i was just
4 skemily 2731 11 years ago
by skemily
pattern i made 4 u!
Hi i liked this pattern i randomly made and i would like to share it with you!
1 usr661 1015 11 years ago
by usr661

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