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how to make a normal pattern work
how do I make a normal pattern that I created work
6 MooMooMeg 1397 8 years ago
by Sammoning
Hi all, I JUST created an account because I am having serious issues with making a T.A.R.D.I.S. pat
3 SuperWhoLock_1 2661 8 years ago
by SuperWhoLock_1
Spiral of Life design?!
Can anyone help me make a spiral of life design? It looks like this. [IMG]http://upload.wikimedi
0 unicornpie 1249 8 years ago
by unicornpie
Saving Problem
I made a pattern with infinity signs. The Generator refuse to save telling me that there must be a r
2 angeleden 1377 8 years ago
by Em_2710
HELP!! Pentagram Design Needed
Hey all how is it goin! hope all r gr8 I know there are some Pentagram Patterns here but i was wond
2 Miny 1538 8 years ago
by Miny
Image to alpha pattern!!
How can i convert an image to alpha pattern????! thnaks for your help!
3 Hibaa 5838 8 years ago
by just_knot_itXd
How can I add descriptions?
I'm fiddling around with the generator, I dont mind getting rejected patterns since Im only just sta
2 Sammoning 1247 8 years ago
by Sammoning
Patterns from images are HUGE?
Whenever I make alpha patterns on MS Paint from pictures, they are like 100 columns!! The images are
0 GabbieB 1291 8 years ago
by GabbieB
How can I make my pattern smaller?
I tried making an alpha pattern, only it came out with me needing 87 threads to make it, which would
4 WinterIsComing 1714 8 years ago
by jenny18
skeleton gorillaz monkey
So I found this pic a long time ago and I was hoping someone would be able to make it with a alpha p
0 little19 1464 8 years ago
by little19

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