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Every time!
Every time I try to make a pattern, the generator rejects me. The last time, before i sent the patte
3 amber555 1497 8 years ago
by Foz
Help please!
Can anyone make a pattern for a bracelet with a turtle like this http://i.imgur.com/IoZ40hE.png I'm
2 smackledwarf 1442 8 years ago
by Kamyk
I have two patterns that are alpha i need converted as alpha is far to tedious and hard for me and i
1 GypsyAngel 1350 8 years ago
by Sammoning
Designing Patterns
In May I printed out some paper disc templates from this site - a 32 string one and a 24 string one.
2 pongalooloo 1421 8 years ago
by pongalooloo
Looking for algorithm/program for solving normal patterns
Hi Is there an algorithm or program for solving normal patterns? I am looking for something th
0 antiprism 1301 8 years ago
by antiprism
I need help with designing patterns?
I've tried many times to use the generator, but it always ends up like a total chaos for me. I don't
6 socunpanda 1485 8 years ago
by Sammoning
an arrow pattern for making a bracelet with the logo if "PanterA" on that...
I need an arrow pattern for making a bracelet with the logo if "PanterA" on it ... can anybody help
1 untitled02 1347 8 years ago
by kleinevos
Help with designing a pattern
I want to make bracelets for some friends of mine, and have it include their groups logo. I tried
4 no_promises 1373 8 years ago
by no_promises
Requesting Rejection of Pending Patterns 73682, 73668, 73666
I recently created 4 patterns that look virtually identical, but the first three all had errors and
2 Synesth 1373 8 years ago
by Tuzyae
Help Making A Pattern.
I want to make matching bracelets for me and my boyfriend, each black with a small quote in white fr
1 BeautyBeastie 1344 8 years ago
by kleinevos

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