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Help ! I have a question
how to make a nike logo in your bracelet? I have read other tutorials about working with paint. But
1 Make_it 1460 8 years ago
by Sammoning
Help me make this please.
I am not good at patterns, i just cannot seem to get the hang of it, for an alpha pattern. this is
3 twinmama 1374 8 years ago
by crafty_gal
bracelet_solver: a free program for solving normal patterns
The [I]bracelet_solver[/I] program will take a bracelet design, described by its knot colours, and f
0 antiprism 1570 8 years ago
by antiprism
Best knot for same colour strings
When same colour stings must be knotted, what choice of knot produces the most even looking bracelet
2 antiprism 1531 8 years ago
by antiprism
Approving Patterns
How long does it usually take for a pattern to get approved? Mine has been pending for several days.
4 RedJane 1460 8 years ago
by RedJane
Could anyone possibly turn this picture into an alpha pattern for me?
I've tried changing this into an alpha pattern myself, but I can't do it :/ http://ih3.redbubble.n
3 lucyturner13 1592 8 years ago
by RedJane
how would do i make a 1212 pattern
i would like to make a 2 coulor 1212 pattern with this tomb raider logo on, what is the easiest way
1 ShuGal 1432 8 years ago
by kleinevos
Android apps :)
Don't know if these have been posted before but I found some free apps for designing normal and alph
1 tattfae 1400 8 years ago
by tattfae
gun logo designs
Can someone make a bracelet or keychain design for the Glock or Beretta logo designs?
0 lcraven430 1372 8 years ago
by lcraven430
Why does my pattern is still "Pending" to publish?
3 Maycrame 1452 8 years ago
by Maycrame

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