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repeating patterns, but not colors
is there a way to upload a pattern that has changing colors, like this one? https://www.friendship
6 anyace12 1911 8 years ago
by anyace12
Help in designing your name " please help me soon "
My name is " donya " . I want my name and my friends planned , but I have problems in their desig
2 donya22 1573 8 years ago
by donya22
Can someone give me the pattern for this bracelet ?
http://www.8pic.ir/images/50363007199935349000.jpg Please help me weave this bracelet ...... :)))
1 donya22 1614 8 years ago
by drazilelite
Does anyone know what the pattern number is this?
Does anyone know what the pattern number is this? http://wrockitpromo.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/d
2 Fii21 1542 8 years ago
by Sammoning
Pattern formation !?
Hi guys, I don't know how to arrange the knots for this image I created. It is a present for my GF
5 Chriz 1769 8 years ago
by kleinevos
Changing string color. HELP!
Hi! I have a problem with changing the color on my strings, when i am trying to design a pattern. Wh
1 Ceciliebusk11 1499 8 years ago
by kleinevos
Creating Gir from Invader Zim
I want to make a bracelet for my boyfriend with gir in it. Just gir standing in his doggy disguise w
1 Bree3613 2004 8 years ago
by Sammoning
can Someone Make this pattern?!!
Im making this bracelet for a school project and I was wondering if anyone would make this into a pa
1 Graysyb3ll 1545 8 years ago
by itsmccrea
Standard flag BRAZIL
Hello guys, I'm brazilian =), and as we are in the year of the World Cup, I would like to help me wi
2 angel_lima 1931 8 years ago
by angel_lima
Photos to alpha patterns
Does anyone know of an easy way to turn pictures to alpha patterns that will work on an ipad? I did
1 Kitkatja 1503 8 years ago
by kleinevos

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