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Can someone help make a chemistry pattern for me?
Hi there, I'm still slightly new to this. I have not figured out how to make my own patterns yet. I
6 KattDavis 1868 7 years ago
by kleinevos
Could someone please help with this pattern? )
Hi ! I'm a big fan of making bracelets but I've only recently started doing the more "complex" desig
2 ianquiksilver 1492 7 years ago
by ianquiksilver
My patterns rejected?
How come all three of the patterns I've generated have been rejected? I needed to use those to make
3 Summer_Lynn 1542 7 years ago
by Summer_Lynn
how can you change colors on the kumihino generator
please help
1 sgd 1460 7 years ago
by kleinevos
Track pattern?
Can someone please make a running shoe with wings I want to make it for track?
4 Zebra_1995 1612 7 years ago
by Zebra_1995
Can someone help me make this bracelet please? :)
Hey so I just found these amazingly awesome Breaking Bad freindship Bracelets, but I'm not sure how
1 EmilyColette13 1465 7 years ago
by kleinevos
Can someone help me create this bracelet please? :)
I've just found this awesome Nutella friendship bracelet pattern! I'm not sure how to do it thought,
1 EmilyColette13 1404 7 years ago
by kleinevos
repeating patterns, but not colors
is there a way to upload a pattern that has changing colors, like this one? https://www.friendship
6 anyace12 1813 7 years ago
by anyace12
Help in designing your name " please help me soon "
My name is " donya " . I want my name and my friends planned , but I have problems in their desig
2 donya22 1494 7 years ago
by donya22
Can someone give me the pattern for this bracelet ?
http://www.8pic.ir/images/50363007199935349000.jpg Please help me weave this bracelet ...... :)))
1 donya22 1543 7 years ago
by drazilelite

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