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I am in love with this beautiful bracelet and I spent hours looking for it on here, but I can not fi
2 Chel_11 1624 6 years ago
Help creating this design!
Looking to make a bracelet with the following pattern on a black background, is this possible? [
4 kortenie 1440 6 years ago
by kortenie
Can I upload this pattern?
Someone ordered a Walking Dead bracelet from me, and I've found this pattern: https://www.friendshi
2 grashopper 1348 6 years ago
by grashopper
bracelets with names
Hi, I would like to ask you for advice, do not know how to knit bracelets with names. I would like t
6 piccolina 1758 6 years ago
by Beckey95
Deutschland flag
I'd like to make a bracelets like this picture for one of my friend. I'd like to have ?Deutschland?
1 zainab_mohajer 1576 6 years ago
by kleinevos
Help fixing pattern using photo
I've been trying to recreate this image: [IMG]http://theoddlandofme.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/vlog
2 Wishingknots88 1574 6 years ago
by kleinevos
Solving a pattern
I draw the pattern but i really don't know how to solve it... can anybody help me? :D please.. as so
9 Delia 1664 6 years ago
by joybracelet
lacoste pattern
i want to make a braclet with a lacoste logo! thnks
2 Hibaa 1765 6 years ago
by kleinevos
Heike square disc kumihimo
Can somebody tell me where i can find pattern for the square kumihimo disc ? I see/find Pattern fo
3 Heike 1695 6 years ago
by kleinevos
want to add a pouch to a basic chevron...
Hi everyone! I'm a newbie to the forum and an amateur friendship bracelet maker but I have an idea I
6 sylma 1922 6 years ago
by grace577

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