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Trying to create a pattern-I need help.
Hello, I am very new to bracelet making and I want to try and see if I can make one for my partne
5 pinacan 218 4 hours ago
by kleinevos
Kumihimo pattern generator
Hi I cannot find how to use this on android to change the colours. Can someone help me please. Thank
2 Hennerz 167 11 days ago
by Tm6373
Pattern description
I just tried making a pattern, and I ended up uploading it because who knows, there might be someone
2 Cerulean Cephalopod 142 last month
by kleinevos
PLS HELP - Making pattern
Hello, my boyfriend really wants a bracelet and I wanted to make one with our initials (E and J) but
3 emmakmoore16 199 last month
by Celicia
Rejected Pattern Confusion
All right, just to be clear, I am aware that patterns get rejected and there are reasons why. But is
1 latefines 166 last month
by kleinevos
Pending patters
Hi, I was wondering how long it normally takes for patterns to get approved. I have a pattern that h
2 zoeyllm 104 last month
by zoeyllm
Editing patterns after rejection
Hi, it would be really helpful if after you create a pattern and it gets rejected, you could edit it
4 zoeyllm 172 last month
by zoeyllm
Can I post patterns on here that I have also posted in other places?
Hi, my Name is Loki and I'm a new user. I've read the TOU and FAQ but I might have missed this. I
1 halokiwi 168 3 months ago
by kleinevos
Fixing My Own Patterns?
I submitted a pattern but once I saw the full render after submitting it, I realized I had a mistake
1 Imperia 134 3 months ago
by kleinevos
Rejected Patterns (too similar)
I've had a couple of patterns recently that have been rejected due to being too similar to existing
2 mmy8s 901 7 months ago
by mmy8s

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