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Profile Suggestion
i think it would be sweet if we can put things on our profiles. kinda like myspace but so we can put
5 xolyssxo95x 1879 12 years ago
by Stebop
Spanish site.
Hi all! I've been thinking about making the new site more general so it can be translated to othe
1 Stefan 1894 12 years ago
by Sab_Attack
Search function added
Hello! I added a new improved search engine made by myself. Try it and tell me what you think about
9 Stefan 2343 12 years ago
by ViscumAlbum
Frosty....thanks fer the snail! :)
1 Knotsue 2143 12 years ago
by Frosty
Alpha viewing
Does everyone get the "warning" and then a long message of text with a link on the side of each alph
0 Laneylu412 1690 12 years ago
by Laneylu412
Email Suggestion
I just now realized that when the wemaster sends me an update email about a forum or something, it a
0 horsingaround 1676 12 years ago
by horsingaround
hi! i was TRYING to use the generater and i noticed the newer one. i cant get it opened b/c i dont h
1 rayleighg 1724 12 years ago
by moushtie
Keep an eye open for bugs!
I updated the file dependency system recently. It makes the site faster but I might have missed som
5 Stefan 1902 12 years ago
by Stefan
Belt Buckle
it seems like a lot of people are having difficulties with the belt buckle. including me. i think it
2 xolyssxo95x 2228 12 years ago
by bowiefan517
I just submitted an alpha pattern (number 98). I wish that the Alpha patterns also had a 'submit pho
2 KABUYAS 2145 12 years ago
by xolyssxo95x

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