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BETA version is up!!
Hey everyone! I just uploaded the BETA version of the new site on [url]https://www.friendship-bra
49 Stefan 4963 12 years ago
by Stefan
i think we should be able to see how many tutorials each person has from their page.. like now yo
7 spiffehgymnast 1805 12 years ago
by Stefan
Similar Patterns
I was thinking about all the similar patterns on here. It seems that some people are unable to chang
19 Frosty 3287 12 years ago
by SportGeek113
Uploading Photos
I NEED HELP! The thing always says that it is too big so i made it small and the photo is freakin ti
5 moulinrouge 1781 12 years ago
by Stefan
Notifications BETA
Take a look at [url]https://www.friendship-bracelets.net/notifications.php[/url]. It is a facebook-s
29 Stefan 3955 12 years ago
by Stefan
Favorite button
I think it would be easier if you add a "favorite button" next to the patterns so that we don't have
6 butterflies 1690 12 years ago
by dshell98721
the browse button for photo uploading is not working!
am I doing something wrong? I go to the pattern for the picture i want to upload and i click the upl
4 origami_peep 1907 12 years ago
by Kassy
I was wondering If there is some way to only print the pattern and not the comments.Often I end up w
6 CraftyCritt3r 1845 12 years ago
by villa13
Wiki tutorials!?
Hello everyone. I'm programming day and night on the next version of the site, and right now I'm loo
4 Stefan 2295 12 years ago
by Stefan
need suggestions
I have fading threads (the ones that start out one colour and fade to a lighter shade) and my bracel
5 TweedyBird 2309 12 years ago
by fbmagic

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