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Iphone apps
Hi! I will try to be clear, but it's not easy 'cause i speak french usually. So, i create this threa
8 audreylabbe 2384 10 years ago
by Craftfreak
Simple Word Patterns
I keep getting a lot of my patterns rejected because they are simple word patterns, but I cant copy
3 Chelly 3018 10 years ago
by k_marie
Email newsletter.
Hi guys! I've been discussing this topic in the Moderator forum already, but I also want to know wh
31 Stefan 5479 10 years ago
by Bubbleblower
Moving like a Turtle
Lately it has been taking FOREVER to do something on this site for me! I have to click something mor
2 kermit 2133 10 years ago
by kermit
ads, ads, and more ads!
Yeah, I know that the ads pay for things on this site, but they are getting quite annoying, sliding
0 kermit 2056 10 years ago
by kermit
Likely laziness on my part, but...
Is there a reason not to have "Previous" and "Next" buttons in the photo gallery, like we have with
2 Kestrel 2064 10 years ago
by pinkninja4eva
Pending Time
I have two patterns in pending, I'm new to the site, and I was wondering how long it takes before a
5 Sytara 2256 10 years ago
by FatnSassy
BlackBerry App!
So I added this into a section I dont think was right. Anyway! I dont know if a this site had a blac
4 DesiCuppycakes 2058 10 years ago
by DesiCuppycakes
Files Directory
I've noticed that are a lot of "hidden" bits of information on this website, such as the BBCode char
4 TweedleDee 2364 10 years ago
by TweedleDee
Bug with patterns
I'm not long awake so I'm hoping I'm going to explain this right, because it's impossible to screens
7 Kestrel 2157 10 years ago
by Kestrel

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