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Is it possible to change the e-mail address
Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to change my e-mail address here. I made this accound years ago
4 MetallicWings 1965 9 years ago
by MetallicWings
new genorator
omg somone posted somthing about a website called www.braceletbook.com and i went on there and made
4 autumnrose123 2407 9 years ago
by Foz
I have a suggestion for the tutorials page. It would be nice to have newest tutorials at the top, or
3 ElleMay 2434 9 years ago
by Kestrel
Forum thread order
So, I've been watching this for a while and thinking I've gone completely insane. But it seems that
1 PearShaped 2054 9 years ago
by Carrie
I think it's great that there are a count of how many colors there are in a bracelet...just one prob
6 lefayof2day 2176 9 years ago
by lefayof2day
what is the guest book supposed to do? it seems like the forum to me. please, i don't mean to come a
2 akm16 1917 9 years ago
by akm16
Remove similar patterns
Can the mods remove it? https://www.friendship-bracelets.net/alpha_pattern.php?id=46998 Somethi
2 Tjoes 2174 9 years ago
by Tjoes
Mass of Missing Patterns
Is anyone else receiving notices that patterns they created MONTHS ago are suddenly being rejected b
0 cadillacphunque 1836 9 years ago
by cadillacphunque
I don't think my new profile picture is working properly? :S
I just uploaded a new profile picture (it's an animated one, I don't know if that's part of the prob
3 NaNaNaNaNaNaNa 1937 10 years ago
by NaNaNaNaNaNaNa
I have suggestion
when I was looking for few friends of mine that is member of this site , only one problem is I could
0 Harleydragon 2110 10 years ago
by Harleydragon

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