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can anyone tell me where to find how long to cut the threads because the patterns do not tell you?
3 usr856 2618 11 years ago
by Olympe
Generaor Colors.. help!
Whenever i make a pattern with the generator, there are only about 11 colors i can use. I've seen lo
3 Charlie 2224 11 years ago
by Stefan
hey dose anyone know a way that on the genorator you can genorate longer bracelets cuz i am doing a
1 Punchy 2010 11 years ago
by Stefan
i was wonderin if anyone knows why sometimes the whole bottom part of your bracelet is sometimes bla
4 ron 2898 11 years ago
by Stefan
I think you should be able to add tips of your own to paterns zo that it wil be easier to make witho
1 Norair 1938 12 years ago
by jessediamond
line number
it would be al lot easier if there wer numers at the side of the row exspecially if it it al wide pa
1 Norair 1949 12 years ago
by Manolia
Loading patterns from the Generator
Help! I have generated a pattern which I can get back to because I have it saved in my own favourit
3 usr409 1378 12 years ago
by Stefan
I want to publish just a bracelet photo, without specifying what pattern it is, because it`s a patte
3 RockinAddict 2268 12 years ago
by Olympe
Help! :0
When I was creating a pattern, all the suns (I was doing a sun) were close together, so I added a li
6 Pand 2477 12 years ago
by Xather

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