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how to prevent from your bracelet rolling up
i made a couple of bracelets, but the keep rolling up on me and you cant see the desings. what can
8 luvkdrama831 45502 9 years ago
by camlamb
Help Me!!!!!!!!
I'm not really sure how I should start my bracelet. ummm not sure how to word it, but normally I wil
9 SidneyMae 2812 9 years ago
by diana923
Alanah Jean
Is there anything I can do if I run out of string while i'm making a braclet?
10 alanahjean 3691 9 years ago
by neese80
Short Thread
its just now i experienced that my thread is short. any tips on how to extend the thread? is it righ
4 Tashi 2673 9 years ago
by Foz
I have been trouble focusing on the bracelet that I am working on.I really want to finish it, but wh
7 SilveryGold 2055 9 years ago
by BulletBracelets
How to prevent Hemp from twisting.
Every time I try to use hemp it ends up twisting. My knots are consistent so what am I doing wrong?
4 SawyerLove 4133 9 years ago
by SawyerLove
Wave (Peruvian) Bracelet Using Nylon Thread
I was finally able to get my hands on some nylon thread to make wave bracelets. I only intended to b
2 Unbelieber 4354 9 years ago
by Unbelieber
Why does my bracelet look so "stretched" out?
I have started doing alpha pattern #A25540 (pink w/ white flowers), and it looks as if my pattern ha
6 Olivia10 5942 9 years ago
by j2e0s0s5
closures wide macrame bracelets
hello friends-as I'm from Barcelona (Spain) and I love the macram?. When I finish the bracelet, it
1 marnies 2766 9 years ago
by Carrie
Bracelets are curling
So pretty much every bracelet I make ends up curling within a few days of wearing it instead of layi
6 stepho2277 3932 9 years ago
by mischieviousbob

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