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Something else?
I kind of want to make something else with friendship bracelet patterns but I dont know what I shoul
8 pepsui 2415 9 years ago
by Goura
What would be the ideal length for a bracelet? Does it depend on amount of strings? I want to start
2 kelsimba 2335 9 years ago
by Goura
how can i make alpha bracelet easier and faster????
3 shahabfar 2263 9 years ago
by Goura
First Muti-Color Alpha Bracelet
Hey Everybody! So I have made tons of alpha bracelets with names on them... but only 2 color ones. I
4 LaPianista99 2251 9 years ago
by Goura
Lost loved one, bracelets in memory. HELP?
Hey I can't figure out how to make the patterns to generate your own. I need to make a Dark blue a
3 redwookie23 2368 9 years ago
by gracy2012
I'm teaching my friends to make friendship bracelets, so what are some easy, but cool looking patter
6 K4yk4y101 2538 9 years ago
by Goura
Increasing the width of my bracelet
Hey, I really like some pattern but they're too thin and I want to make them a little thicker. Is th
6 Plegue 4099 9 years ago
by Plegue
Curling bracelets!?!?
so heres the thing. i make lots of bracelets and wear lots too. but alot of them seem to roll up on
17 saywaacullen14 6289 9 years ago
by darlinlily
help with beginning?
I see all the ways to start a bracelet off. Not the actual patterns, where the end string with tie t
3 Dovahkiin 2471 9 years ago
by Alicat
DIY alpha patterns using iPhone or iPod touch
Theres a free app called fun effects - one option allows you to take pixelated pics that can be used
6 miker 2816 9 years ago
by Erykah15

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