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Tips and problems while tying

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Threads Breaking...
Is there anything I can do to prevent my threads from breaking? t is really frusturating that they
6 usr470 1369 11 years ago
by usr572
having a problem with patter #1665
i got to the end of the instruction and im not sure what to do next, is it possible you could comple
9 usr564 1915 11 years ago
by usr564
new person who needs basic help here please
hey guys im new at this. i learned how to do the arrow, diagnol lines, and macrame bracelets from fr
1 usr485 1480 11 years ago
by Cathelijn
im trying to make some of the bracelets on the site BUT the diagram that attempts to show how to tie
2 irieLOVE 2168 11 years ago
by usr485
Around are neighborhood what happens is one person gives another person a ghost and a present for Ha
0 usr361 788 11 years ago
by usr361
knots loose
Hello. I am pretty new to trying "Advanced" bracelet making. I have been making the stripped diagona
0 usr475 1206 11 years ago
by usr475
Need help choosing colours for patterns?
I'm not sure if anyone else has this problem... i know i do! So i hunted around the web for colour p
2 usr401 1193 11 years ago
by kbtwin1
Color Combinations!
Hi all of you out there.Some people may have some trouble finding colours that match(I know i do).So
0 usr398 1371 11 years ago
by usr398
skull n' peace bracelets...heeelp!!
i have no idea how to do #255 and #1425 im new at this.... :/
3 usr397 1663 11 years ago
by usr397
this bracelet is incomplete, as stefan calls it. i can see that its not so complicated - the first l
1 rotem 2043 11 years ago
by usr361

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