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(( Bracelets )) Triple / Quadruple Chain Knot

Table of contents
1. Materials and Set Up
2. Step by Step, knotting row by row
    2.1. Step 1
    2.2. Step 2
    2.3. Step 3
    2.4. Step 4
3. Video
4. Video
This bracelet was called 'quadruple' when using 4 strings, and 'triple' when using three strings. The way of knotting is exact the same, that's why I've merged it into one tutorial.
You can use as many strings as you like, the only knot you need to know is the chain knot, also called double chain knot.

Materials and Set Up

Four different colors about your armspan and a half
Knowledge on how to do a double chain knot

Fold your four strings in half and knot a loop at the top
Take the strings and separate them into groups according to color. Think of the first color as 1, the second color as 2, the third color as 3, and the fourth color as 4.

Step by Step, knotting row by row

Step 1

Grab both strings of 1 and both strings of 2. Do a double chain knot with these two groups of strings. Make sure you start with half a forward knot then half a backward knot.

Step 2

Take the group 3 string colors and grab both of them in a group. Do the same with group 4 colored strings. Do a double chain knot using those groups.

Step 3

Take the string groups, 2 and 3 and make a double chain knot. Repeat until bracelet is at desired length.

The structure is like this, just like a normal bracelet: ( The knots in the actual bracelet are ofcourse much closer together than this! )

Step 4

Finish of with two braids, add any beads and/or extra details that you would like. Then wear your bracelet or give it to a friend!

If you use three strings you make the knots like this:

If you want to make a wider bracelet you can simply multiply this: The third string will make a chain knot with the fourth, the fourth with the fifth, and so on.
*As you may have noticed: you're knotting in diagonal lines now, instead of in rows, but the end-result is exact the same!

This is what they look like when using different string amounts.

1 3 strings, doubled

2 4 strings

3 6 strings

4 7 strings, doubled

5 16 strings, 8 strings on the left all forward chain knots ( first half is forwards ) , 8 strings on the right all backward ( first half is backwards ) chain knots.

Multiplied and mirrored version ( nr. 5 on the picture)

1-14 Make chain knots like the description above. Shown is one diagonal line from the left to the middle. Strings always end up where they came from.

1-2 first knot, first and second string used
3-4 second knot, second and third string used
5-6 third knot, third and fourth string used
7-8 fourth knot, fourth and fifth string used
9-10 fifth knot, fifth and sixth string used
11-12 sixth knot, sixth and seventh string used
13-14 seventh knot, seventh and eighth string used

15-16 Do the same, but mirrored, from the right side to the middle.

17-18 Now you only need to connect the two middle strings with a chain knot. I'm doing first row normal (forward) chain knot, next row mirrored (backward) chain knot, etc.

I'm knotting in diagonal lines here. To make a straight start you need to start with the two middle strings, then take the strings next to these, etc. Just like the start of a chevron, only with chain knots instead of regular knots.




The original author of this tutorial is WhiteWolf101, but it has also been edited by Foz, westies4ever, bracelet_baker, DiscoGaGa, Alicat and kleinevos. The tutorial was last updated 4 years ago.

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