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(( Bracelets )) Wrapped Bracelet

Table of contents
1. Videos
    1.1. Part 1
    1.2. Part 2
2. Alphabet Pattern
3. Tutorial Links
This tutorial shows you how to make bracelets like the ones advertised by http://www.thebracelet.co.uk or http://friendlybracelets.com/ on this sites home page

Here is a photo from http://www.thebracelet.co.uk


This video shows you how to but just skip to 0:46 if you dont want to see the ones that he makes.

Part 1

Part 2

Alphabet Pattern

Here is the alphabet incase you want to make a name bracelet! :) (Just_Ice)

Tutorial Links

below are links with step by step photos :) (From Happybunny)



Here is the video on how to create the base

Here is the technique explained

Here is the playlist with all the letters

A Heart made with the same technique


The original author of this tutorial is Sareana, but it has also been edited by Foz, Geyn, happybunny, Shegorules, Just_Ice, me_aidutza, one_last_breath, Alicat, kleinevos and petpaula. The tutorial was last updated 3 years ago.

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