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(( Projects )) Recycled Fabric Stretch Bracelet (Made with Scraps)

This adorable bracelet is a great way to use up all of that extra material left over from your latest sewing endeavors! Enjoy!

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hamth5SZ83E

You will need:
☼ Scrap Fabric
☼ Scissors
☼ .5 mm Stretchy Cord (I use Stretch Magic brand)
☼ One sewing needle with a fairly large eye (large enough to fit stretch magic)
☼ One needle-threading tool to help get the stretch magic through the needle.

(If you don't own a threading tool just fold a piece of string in half, stick the fold through the eye of the needle and use it like you would a threading tool.)

Just stick your stretch magic cord through the loop and pull the loop through the eye and then viola, one stretch magic threaded needle!

☼ For a "messy" bracelet fold the fabric squares at an angle to get them to look more fluffy and messy.

☼ For a "neat" bracelet just cut the squares smaller and thread through the middle.

☼ For a "pompom" bracelet make sure you get the needle through the very tough center so the string will be secure- make sure you are VERY careful so you don't stab yourself!

(You will notice the stretch magic is hard to pull through a pom-pom but if you go slow and steady you will be able to string it up just fine.)

Sorry for seeming a bit out of it but I feel really awful today. While filming my hands were really cold and numb so that really made it very difficult to film this for you guys! (Difficult because I kept stabbing myself with the needle and constantly dropping the squares from not being able to feel my hands!)

Thankfully I sped up the video enough so that you can't really tell I was having such a hard time! haha. =D


The original author of this tutorial is BeyondBracelets, but it has also been edited by Stefan and k_marie. The tutorial was last updated 6 years ago.

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