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(( Bracelets )) Hippie/Wrap Bracelet

Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Materials
    2.1. Step 1
    2.2. Step 2
    2.3. Step 3
    2.4. Step 4
    2.5. Step 5
    2.6. Step 6
    2.7. Step 7
3. Videos
4. Swirl Wrap Variation
5. Materials
6. Step by Step
    6.1. Step 1
    6.2. Step 2
    6.3. Step 3


This bracelet, much like hair wrapping, is very simple and easy to make. Most tutorials I've seen on here and Youtube mistake this bracelet for a Chinese Staircase, so I thought I'd make my own tutorial to clarify.


At least seven strands of string, 60 inches each, folded in half (making fourteen working strings)

Start with your favorite way of starting a bracelet. this could be a buckle, a braid on each end (in this case, your starting strings should be a bit longer), or a simple overhand knot. I chose to make my version of the buckle. Search the tutorial page for directions.

Step 1

Pick your first color. This will be your first wrapping string. Set aside.

Step 2

Pick two more strings. These will be your "criss-cross" strings. These strings are optional; you may use them once in awhile, or not at all. They can be the same or different color. Set aside.

Step 3

With your optional criss-cross strings up and out of the way, take your wrapping string and make half a forward knot around the rest of your strings.

Step 4

Begin wrapping! Simply wrap this thread tightly around your bunch of strings, making sure there is no overlap or spaces.

Step 5

Decide how much of your bracelet you'd like wrapped in this color. You could wrap your entire bracelet in this color, but for this bracelet, I'm going to stop at about 3/4 inch. To keep the string from unraveling, tie another half forward knot.

Step 6

Now's the time to use your optional criss-cross threads. take the two strings and tightly criss-cross the threads a few times around the section you just wrapped.

Step 7

Holding your criss-cross threads in place, choose another wrapping thread and two more criss-cross threads. Set your new criss-cross threads aside, use your new wrapping thread to tie a half forward knot around all remaining threads, and repeat!


by westies4ever

Swirl Wrap Variation

by horse_lover

The swirl wrap is a lot like the braid and wrap.


You take however many strings you want, but it has it be more than 6 because then it will look weird. Two of each color.

[h1]Step by Step[/h1]

Step 1

Take the first 2 and wrap it around all of the strings tightly, and end it with a forward knot.

Step 2

Then you take one color and do the Chinese Staircase (its just forward knots).

Step 3

Then, for the next one you can take 2 strings of 2 colors and leave one pair out and wrap it with the strings you kept. Then take the 2 that you left out and you can criss cross it or wrap
it loosely around what you have all ready wrapped!


The original author of this tutorial is kelseykaboomx3, but it has also been edited by Jeckle, FatnSassy, k_marie, Alicat, kleinevos, RPiper11 and Masha_Knots. The tutorial was last updated 2 years ago.

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