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(( How to... )) double a pattern

For this tutorial I'm going to use #75080 as an example.

You can just knot the pattern as it is, but you can also play around with it a little. If you want to double the pattern there are several ways to do that:


Doubled, just two times the pattern next to each other:

Doubled,not mirrored but shifted:

For this version I choose color B as the color I wanted to see where two different colors were knotted together.

Doubled,shifted and with an extra string in the middle:

For the extra string I used the same color as for strings B.
And for this version I choose color E as the color I wanted to see where two different colors were knotted together.

You always knot the two patterns together where the two not-used-strings in the even rows are touching. In example 4 you make knots where the red circles are. If the colors of the two strings are the same, you can use a forward knot.
If the colors are different you have to use a forwardbackward knot or a backwardforwardknot. It depends on the color you like to see which knot you choose.
And if you want to be even more creative you can also use a FK or a BK to change the color . . . It depends on the pattern you are using if that is an option.

Ofcourse there are more ways to double a pattern, like upside-down, but these pictures show you the basic.

Be creative !

Here are some examples for doubled patterns, which have more than 30 strings to inspire you a bit more:

Pattern 65673, mirrored version 1:

Pattern 65673, mirrored version 2:

Pattern 66960, doubled version:

Pattern 69866, tripled version:

Pattern 72030, mirrored version 1:

Pattern 72030, mirrored version 2:

Pattern 77562, doubled version:

Pattern 84735, doubled version:

Pattern 84735, mirrored version:

Pattern 84816, mirrored version 1:

Pattern 84816, mirrored version 2:

Pattern 85372, doubled version:

Pattern 85778, mirrored version:

Pattern 93213, triple version (with simple double technique):

Pattern 91580, quadrupled. Mirror two times (right side) and double those parts:

and a last example with mirrored pattern #64403, because it looks so amazing ;)

version 1:

version 2:


The original author of this tutorial is kleinevos, but it has also been edited by Arismende. The tutorial was last updated 22 days ago.

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