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(( Beginner Tutorial )) Twist Bracelet

Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Materials
3. Step by Step
    3.1. Step 1
    3.2. Step 2
    3.3. Step 3
    3.4. Step 4
    3.5. Step 5


This tutorial will teach you how to make an easy bracelet for all ages! It's an easy, nice looking twist bracelet, much easier than the Chinese Staircase. The bracelet will look twisted around itself!


3 or more strands of Thread each 30in(70cm). Any type of thread will work, but it's easier to make the bracelet with thinner string because it makes a longer bracelet. You can add more or less string to fit your wrist. If you are going to use more than 3 strings, I suggest cutting the string longer.

Step by Step

Step 1

First, tie the three strings together with a knot at the top. Leave about 2"in. of extra string above the knot so you can use it to tie the bracelet later.

Step 2

Next, hold your strings together (or tape them to a flat surface) and twist them clockwise. Keep twisting them until the twist is 17"in. long, with the extra string under it not twisted.

Step 3

Hold the end of the twist with one hand (not including the extra string below it), and put a finger from your other hand in the middle of the twist and fold the twist in half.

Step 4

Hold the top knot and extra strings on the bottom together. Take your finger out of the twist and the twist will twist around itself. If the twist (around itself) kinks or stops, lightly pull on the looped end of the bracelet where you had your finger before. Don't pull too tightly, or it will mess up the bracelet.

Step 5

Tie the extra ends with a knot at the top of the bracelet. To put on the bracelet, open the loop (on one end of the bracelet) and pull the loose strings through it.


If you are still confused, look at a video tutorial that I posted on Youtube, and follow along while I do it.

By Masha Knots:


The original author of this tutorial is friendship12396, but it has also been edited by Stefan, Jeckle, Huntress, Rachel_D, JCSfb14, k_marie, Kestrel, Alicat and Masha_Knots. The tutorial was last updated 7 months ago.

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