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(( Bracelets )) Two Color Macrame Bracelet with Beads / Video Tutorial

Table of contents
1. Rhombus/circles with beads 1
    1.1. Video
2. Rhombus/circles with beads 2
    2.1. Video
How to Make a Two color Macrame Bracelet with Beads. It's not hard to make and looks good, useful for beginners.

Rhombus/circles with beads 1


Start however you like, I made a larkshead knot loop.
You need to have 8 strings total.

I made a knot with the outside strings of each pair of strings to get my strings in the right order to start the bracelet. This step can be skipped.

Start with the left 4 strings:
Make a knot with the two inside strings.
*All knots are 'double half hitches'. That's exactly the same as a regular knot used for friendshipbracelets only upside down: What we usually call the backside is now the good side.

Make knots with the outer strings onto the inside strings. (I did 3 instead of 2 half hitches here to make everything a bit neater. The video shows just 2 half hitches for each knot.)

Put a bead onto the two middle strings (= the strings that made the knots in the previous step).

Make knots with these same strings onto the strings that are now the outside strings.

Knot the strings that are now inside together.

Repeat with the right 4 strings.
You now have 2 circles with beads inside.

Knot the two inside strings together.

Knot the two strings next to these onto the inside strings.
This is going to be another circle, just like the two you made before.

See step 5
I've added a few extra small beads, but that can be skipped.

See step 6

See step 7

Take the outer strings, 2 at each side of the bracelet, and knot these onto the one next to them. This is the start of the next circle. (The picture shows where they need to go, of course the strings need to be knotted tight and not as loose as the picture shows.)

Repeat the previous steps.

Rhombus/circles with beads 2



The original author of this tutorial is MacrameSchool, but it has also been edited by kleinevos. The tutorial was last updated 1 year ago.

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