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(( Patterns )) How to tie #3892 - Zig-Zag Bracelet

This tutorial is dedicated to pattern #3892.

Table of contents
1. Step by Step
    1.1. Step 1
    1.2. Step 2
    1.3. Step 3
    1.4. Step 4
    1.5. Step 5
    1.6. Step 6
Here I attempt to explain the bracelet you wanted from the picture I posted, the grey and brown one. It's my first tutorial, so I hope I can help you without confusing you.. Also, I'm from Argentina, and I might have typing/drafting mistakes (sorry!)..

Step by Step

Step 1

To start, you need 8 strings, they can be any color you want. (For the green and brown bracelet, I used one brown string and seven grey strings).

Step 2

Then, you take the first string from left and make 7 forward knots onto the other strings (watch the picture). Tip: this first string should be longer than the others, it's the one that makes more knots.

Step 3

After this, you leave that first string aside, and take the next string from left, and do 6 forward knots. Once you finished, leave this string also aside.

Step 4

Take the next string from left and make 5 forward knots now. Leave the string aside.

Step 5

Just like the previous step, but 4 f knots. You keep going like this, until you take the last string and make just 1 f knot.

Step 6

Now, you do all the steps exactly the same, but starting from the right and doing backward knots.
(Take the 1st string from right and make 7 backward knots, etc.)

Once you finished this, you start again, and repeat the steps until you reach the lenght you want..

I hope I could help you, if something is not clear, tell me and I'll explain the best I can.. Thank you!


The original author of this tutorial is antol92, but it has also been edited by Carrie, Jeckle, k_marie, Alicat and pettee. The tutorial was last updated 4 years ago.

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