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(( Bracelets )) Stripes and Dots

Table of contents
1. Materials and Set Up
2. Step by Step
    2.1. Step 1
    2.2. Step 2
    2.3. Step 3

Materials and Set Up

Cut 8 strings about 65 inches for smaller wrists 60 inches.
Step 2
You will have five colours 2 colours and one colour for example Yellow- 5 strings, blue- 2 strings, purple- 1 string.
Step 3
Set Up: Y B Y Y Y B Y P

Step by Step

Step 1

Pick up the yellow on the left most and do forward knots until it reaches the purple at the right most
The do the same with blue until your purple is the left most colour.

Step 2

Take the yellow that is closest to the purple then do a backwards knot then move it to the left most spot do a forward knot with your purple over the blue. Then move the blue over to the left then take the yellow and do another backwards knot over the purple move that to the left then do the purple forward knot over the next colour. Then repeat one more time and do a backwards knot once you have 3 purple dots

Step 3

Do those steps over until it fits you or a friend. Enjoy!!!!


The original author of this tutorial is luv4tap337799, but it has also been edited by Kestrel, Alicat and wildcattz98. The tutorial was last updated 5 years ago.

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