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(( Knots )) How to make a Square Knot Bracelet

You will need 3 strings, 2 in the same color and 1 different color (Although the central cord is hidden). If you want to have a bracelet with two different colors in each side, you should use different colors for A and B cords.
Notice that after each knot you should change the cord you first start with. For example, for the first knot you start with B cord then for the second knot start with A cord.
it must be easier to work if you fix the free end of the central cord.
Now follow the images below:

-video uploaded by user luck

-video uploaded by user Dodadoo (Video in spanish)/ V?deo en espa?ol

Another way to learn them:

Set up the cords like in the image.
1. Take the cord on the left and pass it over the center cords. It should look similar to the number 4.
2. Take the cord on the right and pass it under the center cords and up through the middle(loop) of the 4. Pull the ends of the left and right cord tight.
3. Take the cord on the right and pass it over the center cords and under left cords it will kinda form a backwards 4.
4. Take the cord on the left and pass it under the center cords, and up through the middle (loop) of the backwards 4.


The original author of this tutorial is faliza, but it has also been edited by Jeckle, Dodadoo, k_marie, kleinevos, squeaker14 and Allison98. The tutorial was last updated 1 year ago.

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