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(( Bracelets )) Woven Double Wrap Bracelet

Ok, one night i was just laying in bed just letting my mind wander. And I guess I was thinking about friendship bracelets and was thinking "what would it look like if I weaved the strings over and under a bunch of times?" So the next morning I tried it (I was really surprised I remembered what to do!) and it came out really cool looking! I don't know if this has been done before or really what to call it but I just named it what it looks like. This bracelet is VERY easy and perfect if you're a beginner. :)

-at least two REALLY REALLY long strings, you can use different colors, or all the same. (you might just want to keep the strings on the skein.)
-two wrist-size pieces of rope, or yarn. some kind of thick string. This will not show on the bracelet.

First, tie your two pieces of rope or whatever you're using at the top and clip them to your clipboard. Tie a knot in the strings you choose to "weave" with and clip it next to it.

Next, take "weaving" strings and put them under the first rope and over the second one.

Then, put the strings under the rope they are currently over and over the one they were under.

Just keep repeating and pull the strings up tight and it will appear to look like two wrap bracelets stuck together!

When at a desired length, just tie with a forward knot. :)

Here is a tutorial video tutorial, in Spanish, but easy to follow.


The original author of this tutorial is courtofmilk, but it has also been edited by Mariska, Foz, FatnSassy and HarleyMama23. The tutorial was last updated 5 years ago.

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