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(( Beginner Tutorial )) Zig Zag Scramble Bracelet

Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Materials and Set Up
3. Step by Step
    3.1. Step 1
    3.2. Step 2
    3.3. Step 3
    3.4. Step 4
    3.5. Step 5
    3.6. Step 6
4. Video


I found these instructions online and I thought I would share it with you. -skpluvs2sing

Materials and Set Up

You need three strings, one of each color folded in half.
Strings should be about 70 in(180 cm) long.

Set Up: A B C A B C

Step by Step

Step 1

With A on the left, make 5 fk.

Step 2

With B on the left, make 1 fk/bk.

Step 3

With A on the right, make 5 bk.

Step 4

With C on the right, make 1 bk/fk.

Step 5

With A on the left, make 5 fk.

Step 6

Repeat from step 1 for pattern until desired length.



The original author of this tutorial is skpluvs2sing, but it has also been edited by FatnSassy, k_marie, Kestrel, alex_evans1, Alicat, terisan07, craftcraver and iheartmrbump. The tutorial was last updated 3 years ago.

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