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(( Patterns )) How to tie #72697 - Double Diamonds

This tutorial is dedicated to pattern #72697.

Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Materials and Set Up
3. Step by Step
    3.1. Step 1
    3.2. Step 2
    3.3. Step 3
    3.4. Step 4
    3.5. Step 5
    3.6. Step 6
    3.7. Step 7
    3.8. Step 8
    3.9. Step 9
    3.10. Step 10
    3.11. Step 11
    3.12. Step 12
    3.13. Step 13
    3.14. Step 14
    3.15. Step 15
4. Video


This is the bracelet I like to call Double Diamonds. It's basically the simple diamond bracelet with two layers. I didn't invent this pattern but there isn't a tutorial for it on this site so I decided to make one.

Materials and Set Up

You need 16 strings. I cut mine about a meter and 30 inches long. I then fold it in half. It sounds like a lot but I just want to make sure that I don't run out of string. You also need four colors.
Example:white, blue, black, and red (ABCD).
Basically the order of a chevron. ( I have already done one pattern so that my strings are in order)

Step by Step

Step 1

Do a chevron with your A's (white for me)

Step 2

Do a second chevron with your next A's

Step 3

Separate the colors on the right from the colors on the left. Take all of your whites and put them on the left side. Put all of your strings on the left to the side ( you won't be using them right now)

Step 4

Take your first string on your right (String B) and do backward knots on all of the strings on that side. Now put that string a side ( you won't be using it for now)

Step 5

Take your next string (B) and do the same thing not knotting over the B string you just used

Step 6

Repeat this step until you are done knotting with the strings on the right side

Step 7

Do the same on the left side but with forward knots

Step 8

Do an inverted chevron with your A strings closest to the outside of the bracelet.

Step 9

Do another chevron with the next A strings

Step 10

Put your A strings a side (You won't be using them right now)

Step 11

Do another inverted chevron with your B string. Don't knot over your A strings. Put it a side ( you won't be using it right now)

Step 12

Do yet another inverted chevron with your second B string and don't knot over your A strings and your first B string. Put it a side ( you won't be using it right now)

Step 13

Keep doing inversed chevrons ( not knotting over the string you have already used) until you have used all of your strings

Step 14

Do a regular chevron with your A strings closest to the center of the bracelet

Step 15

Do another chevron to finish off the pattern

You're done! You can repeat the pattern and switch the color of the diamonds or you can do the same color the whole time ( if you do this than you have to use more string for the color of your diamonds)



The original author of this tutorial is hanhelco, but it has also been edited by Alicat. The tutorial was last updated 6 years ago.

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