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(( Beginner Tutorial )) The Daisy Chain Knotted Bracelet

Table of contents
1. Daisy Chain Bracelet Instructions
2. Materials and Setup
3. Video
4. Daisy Bracelet Step by Step
    4.1. Flower
        4.1.1. Step 1
        4.1.2. Step 2
        4.1.3. Step 3
        4.1.4. Step 4
        4.1.5. Step 5
        4.1.6. Step 6
    4.2. Between Flowers(Stem)
        4.2.1. Step 7
        4.2.2. Step 8
5. BeyondBracelets FAQ & Other Links

Daisy Chain Bracelet Instructions

This is a completely original pattern created by BeyondBracelets.

Materials and Setup

Start off by cutting yourself three strings (any color will do but flowery colors will probably look best) make your strands appx. 55in(138cm) long and fold them in half. One will be the background chain color- the other two will become the flower and flower center.

Setup: 1 2 3 - 3 2 1

(I'd write instructions but they wouldn't make sense since I pretty much did random knots until something looked nice. lol.)




Daisy Bracelet Step by Step

(I got this from watching the video)


(you might want to go to #7 because then you wont start right with a flower) Just a suggestion =)

Step 1

with right 1, or green, do half a bk, so only one knot, but still put it in the place it should be as if it were a full bk. it should be 1,2,3,3,1,2

Step 2

with left 1, or green, do half a fk, so still only one knot, and put it in the place it would've been if it were still a full fk. it should be 2,1,3,3,1,2

Step 3

take both 3's or yellows, and do a fk with them. Now take the yellow or 3 on the right, and fk with it (doing full fk) over 1,and 2. with left yellow, or 3 on the left, and do full bk over 1 and 2 on the left side. should now be 321123 or yellow white green green white yellow.

Step 4

take right 2, or white, and do half a bk, but don't put it in the middle. put it back on the side it was before you did that knot. with left 2, or left white, do half a fk, but do same as right side, keep it in its place, so greens, or 1's are still in middle.

Step 5

with the outside string on the right, bk to the center. with left outside string, fk into the center. 2's, or white should now be outside.

Step 6

now take right 1, or green, and do half a fk, and put it on the outside, as if it were a full fk. with left side, do half a bk, and put it on outside as if it were a full bk. so now green, or 1s are on the outside.

Between Flowers(Stem)

Step 7

gather all your strings, except both green's, or 1's, in one hand. with left 1, or green, do half a fk around all the strings in your hand. you wont be knotting around the other green.

Step 8

now take the right green, or 1, and do half a bk, around the strings in your hand. Just leave the greens out. a nice length is do five half knots altogether.
1 2
3 4
5 then go up to step 3 for a flower. P.S


BeyondBracelets FAQ & Other Links

FAQ: http://beyondbracelets.blogspot.com/2011/08/youtube-faqs.html

Confused Beginners Click Here: http://beyondbracelets.blogspot.com/2011/11/navigating-my-youtube-channel.html

Annotation Link Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuwdlbWhgeo

Thanks for watching! You guys are awesome. ^_^


The original author of this tutorial is BeyondBracelets, but it has also been edited by FatnSassy, k_marie, Kestrel, MeerkatsRule10, Alicat, bracelet_lover9, braceletbear and kleinevos. The tutorial was last updated 2 years ago.

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